About VacayCar

VacayCar is a private-driver booking service for tourists in Taiwan and the Philippines. Our drivers can speak your language, have over five years’ professional driving experience and are intimately familiar with the local areas where our tours take place. In addition to pre-established itineraries, we offer customized trips and an airport pickup service. Our goal is to make your trip more convenient and fun!
Where we are located?
VacayCar was founded and is headquartered in Taiwan, specifically at:
1F, No. 49, Lane 269, Section 3, Roosevelt Road
Da’an District, Taipei City 106
Taiwan (Republic of China)
Where did the idea for VacayCar come from?
When the family of one of the founders came to visit Taiwan, he wanted to give them the “Grand Tour” of the country, which included breathtaking but hard-to-reach places like Taroko Gorge. Finding a private driver was a difficult and cryptic affair, especially for a foreigner. Hence, VacayCar. Now it’s easy to book a private driver with clarity and without any haggling.